Message from the President

Dear Comrades,
The website at the AAEPF (Friendly Association of French Polar Expeditions) is threefold: disseminate information about the life of the AAEPF and the ETH for you to participate.

give news on polar activities and particularly those organized by the ENPI and TAAF. To this end, we will ask the players in the field to express and send us the documents. They will allow you to better appreciate the current achievements and developments from earlier eras.

facilitate access to the history and stories of polar expeditions through the presentation of accounts and documents as well as the formation of a polar bibliography taking among other books available at the store.
We are counting on you to interact with this website in order to enrich and make it live. The future of our association is largely based on its success.
These virtual meetings with AAEPF allow our comrades who have difficulties to be present at events at headquarters, 34 Bd. Of Sevastopol, to stay in touch with the “polar” and the mid shipments. We await your regular site visits to send us your comments and polar information to be disseminated.
We hope that, through this forum, we will be closer to each other and poles.
See you soon at all.
With my warmest regards.