The life of the AAEPF

The AAEPF switched seats following the EPF and therefore the TAAF in their new premises in Paris 34 Boulevard de Sebastopol 75004. We thank them for giving us TAAF hospitality. This change, however, requires us adaptations in our operations. Despite their large size, these rooms do not allow us to consider how our traditional meetings in spring and autumn. We seek other solutions (use of leased or loaned rooms, with a combination of host organization …).

For the same reasons, the shop is currently in a period of hibernation. A large market has clear inventory. We have to reorganize the resumption of its activity by targeting a limited range of products. The website ( remains extremely dynamic and rich with the regular work of Guy and Bernard Penazzi Sinardet that regularly update with the information provided by some of our members and wintering teams. We especially thank Gilles Brébant (well known chef), Jean Luc Verselin (physician) and Franck Gérard (expedition leader) for sending new life TA Dumont D’Urville 57. A link to the official site of Concordia and a private site also allows you to live the 3rd winter in the French-Italian station.

Yearbook of the association will be updated in 2007. We ask everyone to help us correct any errors or inaccuracies that may exist in the edition 2003. We expect each of you to improve the reliability of this document.

From 16 to 25 February 2007, the AAEPF was associated with the presentation to the Retromobile exhibition of old polar vehicles used by French Polar Expeditions. Some enthusiasts including Thierry Farges and Gerard Immel realized what magnificent stand of polar vehicles that was one of the attractions of the exhibition. Some ancient polar animated the stand describing the performance and the use of a weasel and a beaver HB40 loan from IPEV.